We love strawberries !

Welcome or “Moin Moin!”

The strawberry farm Beneke is located in the community of
Goldenstedt in Lower Saxony, in the district of Vechta, the
largest strawberry-growing region in Germany.

During the season, which starts as early as June, our delicious
products are harvested by hard-working employees from Poland
and Romania and go on sale the very same day, every day.

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get all the information you need!

We are an agricultural family business with the following product lines:

Cultivation of strawberries
Cultivation of rhubarb
Cultivation of green cabbage
Calf breeding (German veal, Federal Association of Calf Breeders)

As the name suggests, our focus is on strawberries. We mainly cultivate the sorts Elsanta and Darselect. But we do not neglect the rather firm and delicious sort Arosa either. Further, our range of products include the renowned sorts Diamante and Albion, which yield fruit from the beginning of August to the beginning of October.

In the months of April and May the strawberry is accompanied by the less known rhubarb. And in the months of October and November we harvest green cabbage, also called the palm of Oldenburg.

The breeding of calves was the initial business of the farm from which the strawberry farm came. Under the management of the younger members of the family Beneke, this branch is still a solid and healthy main pillar of our farm.

Several times in the year our direct marketing stand is featured on local events like industrial exhibitions or menageries, but also the “Tag des offenen Hofes” (day of the open farm), where we offer the sweet fruit in various versions, always following the motto

“From the region, for the region!”